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SIS & Technical Support

Since the introduction of the Simplified Interline Settlement process, ASI has been at the forefront of ensuring that our IT Support & Development team is providing our client airlines with support, guidance and assistance in dealing with the technical challenges that SIS has created. ASI has experience with a number of airlines in taking data in a variety of formats and reformatting it so that it is suitable for SIS submission. ASI does not have a burden of a legacy system – the ASI IT infrastructure architecture is flexible to match our client airline needs. The flexibility to adapt to the customer requirements is a key strength of the ASI business model.

ASI Technology

  • eASI Proration
    A unique in-house developed proration application that facilitates the check on application of industry rules to the pricing of interline billings
  • eASI Interline Taxation Audit
    A unique in house developed application enabling the easy calculation of interline taxes on any airline routing
  • eASI Viewer
    A desktop application that allows the airline staff the ability to read a SIS file in the format of a rejection memo.
  • eASI Track
    A management information system monitoring KPIs within the business and for our customers
  • eASI YQ/YR audit
    A web based application that allows a quick audit on the accuracy of YQ/YR billings
  • eASI FFP audit
    A web based application that checks the billing of FFP rates within airline alliances