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ASI Technology

ASI has a highly skilled software development team that supports the business operations. The software development team has developed a number of applications that support the business – these include:

  • eASI Proration Application: ASI uses an inhouse Proration application together with the auditor expertise to find recoveries that the standard revenue accounting system will miss.
  • eASI Sales/Fare audit application: The ASI sales fare audit application was developed with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland and is designed to isolate the exceptions to customer airline standards.
  • eASI Interline tax application: ASI is recognised as expert in ticket taxes and our interline tax application is easy to use and facilitates the audit of taxes. A number of customers are hosted on the eASI tax application.
  • eASI Sales taxes Application: ASI has a sales tax application using TTBS data that will show all sales taxes applying on an airline sector in an easy to use format.
  • eASI YQ/YR Application: ASI has developed an application that can quickly identify the relevant YQ/YR taxes and fees applying on an airline sector – this facilitates the audit of interline taxes and fee.
  • eASI viewer: Airline staff have difficulty reading the content on SIS files. ASI developed an application that converts SIS records into a rejection format to allow easy look up of SIS file records.
  • eASI SIS file submission: ASI can send files on behalf of client airlines to SIS in XML or standard IDEC format – our IT professionals can convert files to XML if required and will support the Airline customer in ensuring that all files are correctly submitted for interline settlement.
  • eASI Customised reporting: ASI can receive data files in any format and will produce reports for airline customers in any format they require. We will customise reports that meet our customer requirements. A totally flexible service.

ASI Client Benefits

  • A flexible customer friendly service
    There is no fixed cost - fees are commission based
  • If there is no recovery then no fee is payable - a win win solution
  • No investment required - the process is electronic and simple to put in place
  • When the process is in place it runs automatically each month
  • Delivering additional cash and profit for your airline
  • ASI will provide you with Quality Assurance that your outward SIS billings are accurate and that you are not under billing your partner airlines
  • Talk to our customers and find out why using ASI assures you of best practice in airline revenue accounting