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Interline and Sales Taxes

Interline & Sales Taxes

There is nothing more certain than taxes and in the airline business ticket taxes change frequently, are complex and impact on all markets. Most revenue accounting systems cannot keep pace with the changes in ticket taxes.

Interline taxes

ASI is expert in ticket taxes. Our experts developed (in partnership with IATA) a tax application that allows for the smooth and efficient audit of taxes. ASI hosts a number of client airlines that use the ASI tax application to support the eRATD. The use of the ASI tax application allows for a faster audit of interline taxes and saves on labour costs.

Sales taxes

Using IATA TTBS data ASI has developed a sales taxes application that gives the sales taxes that apply on any combination of sectors. It is an easy tax look up that allows the user to immediately see all taxes that apply on any flight sector. The amounts are converted to dollars to allow for ease of look up.

Customised tax reporting

Working in partnership with its customers, ASI has developed customised reports to allow client airlines check the reporting of sales taxes. This ensures accurate reporting and saves labour costs. ASI will assist airlines in managing their ticket tax reporting and checking inward tax billings from partner airlines.

YQ/YR taxes

ASI has developed an in house application that will check the billing of YQ/YR surcharges. The drive for sustainability will lead to an increased use of YQ/YR charges among interline partners. ASI has an application that will quickly check that the correct surcharge has been applied.

Talk to ASI about all things ticket taxes and we will tailor a solution for you.