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Services that are Recommended by our Client Airlines

The ASI philosophy and approach to auditing is a core element of our unique selling proposition in that we apply the proration and auditing skills of our teams to ensure that we maximise the financial recoveries for our client airlines. The success of this approach relies heavily on the experience and skills of our auditors and has consistently guaranteed a significant financial return for the client airlines from the auditing of interline billings – One of the many reasons why ASI is being viewed as a preferred partner in the area of Business Process Support.

Interline Billing Support

Inward Billings – ASI will ensure that each coupon is audited to ensure that overbillings in prorates, ISC and interline taxes are detected and highlighted for recovery in sample and non-sample Inward Billings.

Outward Billings – through a comprehensive audit by expert prorators, ASI will ensure that your outward billing file does not have under billings in fares, taxes or ISC.

Business Process Support

ASI has developed a solid reputation for adding value (cash and profit) through the provision of the Business Process Support Services. ASI experts work as an extension of your interline auditing teams in a seamless and transparent manner.

Revenue Support Services

ASI has the technology and auditors with experience, expertise and intuitive skills to provide the revenue support services that you might require. Using web based access technology, our staff in ASI will augment and support your in-house staff in delivering top quality work and a value for money service.

Interline Tax Audits

One of the more complex auditing challenges that airlines face is the auditing of interline taxes. ASI has enhanced the IATA RATD and we are using it in conjunction with the skills of our expert auditors to guarantee a comprehensive and cost-beneficial return for our client airlines.

SIS & Technical Support

The ASI Technical Support Group is at the forefront of providing our client airlines with IT-related support, guidance and assistance for the technical challenges that the industry has created over the past number of years. ASI will deliver a technical solution that matches your requirements

Quality Assurance Audits

ASI will provide you with quality assurance audits that give you confidence and peace of mind that your interline process and systems are working effectively.