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Introduction to ASI

Aviation Services Ireland (ASI) has provided expert proration and interline billing support services to the airline industry for the past twenty-four years. ASI works in partnership with the largest and most profitable airlines in the world and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with operational offices in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Olsztyn, Poland.

Interline Billing Support

ASI generates significant revenue for our client airlines. We tailor our suite of Interline Billing Support Services to match our client airline needs

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Business Process Support

This business support model is proving to be a cost effective and highly competitive service, delivering a seamless and high quality alternative for our client airlines.

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Quality Assurance Audits

The ASI Quality Assurance program provides the airline customer with confidence that their outward billing and revenue processes are working efficiently and not only assists in improving the outward billing processes but also generates additional revenue for the airline.

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SIS & Technical Support

ASI does not have the burden of a legacy system – the ASI IT infrastructure architecture is flexible to match our client airline needs. The flexibility to adapt to the customer requirements is a key strength of the ASI business model.

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Interline Tax Audit

The ASI interline tax audit provides client airlines with the assurance that overbillings in interline taxes are detected by ASI and rejected back to the client airline’s interline partner.

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Revenue Support Services

ASI also supports airline customers in reviewing frequent flyer billings; sales taxes and cargo interline billings.

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ASI Working for your Airline

  • Substantial financial recoveries from the audits of Inward & Outward Interline Billings
  • Unrivalled tax billing recoveries
  • Quality Assurance Audit reports on the airline in-house processes and Revenue Accounting system
  • ASI Services are structured to meet the needs of the airline
  • Experienced management teams and highly skilled auditors with airline background
  • Proven as trustworthy and a dependable external partner
  • ASI is a cost-effective and high quality solution for interline accounting
  • Lack of skilled staff in the airline is no longer a concern as ASI will work with you in a seamless manner