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Introduction to ASI

Aviation Services Ireland (ASI) has provided revenue accounting support services to the airline industry for the past twenty-nine years. ASI works in partnership with the largest and most profitable airlines in the world and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with operational offices in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Olsztyn, Poland.

Interline Billing Support

ASI is the leading provider of Interline support services to the airline industry. We are experts in Interline proration and we generate significant revenue for our client airlines. We tailor our suite of Interline Billing Support Services to match our client airline needs. Our services will support your SIS processing and ASI will ensure that your airline is maximising its recovery from the interline process.

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Sales/Fare Audit

Primary vendors in sales/fare audit target the easy recoveries and leave the complex recoveries behind. The ASI 2nd pass sales/fare audit will provide quality assurance at no cost, increase your recovery and ensure that leakage in the sales/fare audit process is eliminated. ASI uses tailored interrogation technology and revenue accounting expertise in finding recoveries for airlines that other vendors leave behind.

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FFP Quality Assurance

ASI provides valuable audit support to its customers in examining their Frequent Flyer programmes. ASI will check the rates billed under your FFP agreement and we will audit the operation of your award programme and the billing from your internal or external award vendor. ASI has the revenue accounting expertise to give you quality assurance that there is no leakage in your frequent flyer programme.

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Interline & Sales Taxes

The ASI Technical Support group have developed an application that allows for simple and easy checking of interline and sales taxes. Our auditors are experts in both interline and sales taxes and use the ASI tax application to audit ticket taxes for all routings around the world, ensuring that your airline is maximising its recovery in the Sales and Interline process.

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Cargo Billing Support

ASI provides value for money cargo audit services. Leakage in cargo billing can be significant. The ASI expertise in proration and understanding of airline revenue accounting provide quality assurance on your Cargo Billing. ASI are experts in proration, we are experts at checking for errors and overbillings ensuring that there is no revenue leakage in the cargo billing process.

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Revenue Consulting Services

ASI provides valuable training, consultancy and business support in revenue accounting. Our accomplished team will examine and benchmark your revenue accounting process, highlight areas of potential leakage and recommend process improvements. We will tailor a remote health check-up on your Revenue Accounting system and the supporting processes that will match your needs.

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Trusted Professional Global Services

ASI provides Interline billing auditing services to over 35 major airlines around the world.

Flexible & Tailored Services

ASI Business Process Support Services will be tailored and designed to solve your in-house staff challenges and skill shortages.

Savings-based Pricing Model

ASI Auditing Services are provided on a savings-based pricing model ensuring that your airline incurs no direct cost for utilising ASI.