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Cargo Billing Support

In the past many airlines have lost key skills in checking for errors in cargo billings. Many cargo billings from partner airlines are accepted without checking because airlines are focused on passenger revenue.

ASI has supported a number of customers in checking incoming interline cargo billings. Using expertise in interline proration, ASI has tailored solutions for a number of airlines in checking incoming interline cargo billings. ASI will check your inward billings to find errors and over-billings and provide quality assurance that there is no revenue leakage.

ASI will work with your Cargo accounts team and put in place a support process that will identify leakage arising in your cargo revenue accounting system. ASI will seamlessly support the work done by your cargo accounts staff.

ASI support is commission based and where there is no recovery for the airline there is no fee. The ASI interline cargo audit provides an airline with trusted independent quality assurance and will deliver a payback in revenue at no additional cost.