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Sales/Fare Audit

Travel agency sales is an area where there can be significant revenue leakage for airlines. As an added support to airlines ASI now provides both 1st and 2nd pass sales/fare audit services to its airline customers. ASI has the advantage of combining expertise in interline agreements, knowledge on taxes and the vast experience in industry revenue accounting to deliver a best in class sales / fare audit to its client airlines.

If you currently have a vendor for sales audit then consider ASI for a 2nd pass audit – the primary vendor will usually find the easy errors – “the low hanging fruit” – but the expertise in ASI will find the more complex errors. Using revenue accounting and interline expertise, ASI will tailor its IT applications to find agency errors that other vendors will miss. The ASI 2nd pass sales/fare audit is part of the quality assurance and revenue protection services we offer.

ASI has developed a state of the art sales audit interrogation application using the industry expertise of our proration staff and our in house IT development team. Our applications allow our expert auditors to find errors that other vendors and revenue systems will miss.

Client Airlines can set up the ASI quality assurance audit in a number of weeks at no cost – simply send the same information that goes to the primary vendor together with the list of ADMs raised by the primary vendor. ASI will deliver a commission based service that will generate revenue at no cost to the airline.

ASI will ensure there is no leakage in the sales process and we will add value (cash and profit) to your airline. ASI works in partnership with the client airline to ensure the highest standards are observed by the travel agency network and we will provide you with respected technical support and quality assurance that will deliver a payback in revenue.

The ASI sales fare audit process: