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Interline Billing Support

Inward Billings

For over 29 years ASI has provided Interline proration services to passenger airlines around the world. Our staff are acknowledged as the industry experts in interline proration and interline taxes.

The rules and regulations of interline travel and passenger interline taxes have added much complexity to the verification process of billings between airlines. Interline taxes and charges on passenger tickets are changing from day to day. Airline agreements need to keep pace with the changing environment and this makes it impossible for any airline Revenue Accounting System to recognise and reject 100% of overbillings from interline partners. Our experience to date proves that significant revenue can be generated by ASI for our client airlines through the ASI suite of Interline Billing Support Services.

ASI provides Interline Billing Verification Services under a number of headings:

  • Inward Billing audits – BPO support services & 2nd pass audit
  • Outward billing audits
  • Quality Assurance audit on Sampling
  • Correspondence Management Services
  • SIS billing support

BPO support & 2nd pass audit

Major international airlines use the ASI proration services to manage their interline billings and ensure that IATA deadlines are met. Airlines have lost key skills in interline proration and risk losing valuable revenue in missing IATA billing deadlines. ASI will ensure there is no revenue leakage and the airline customer will have access to the best industry expertise. Working within industry regulations and the Revenue Accounting manual (RAM) rules, ASI will protect the airline client revenue and overbillings in prorates, ISC and interline taxes are highlighted for recovery.

ASI works in partnership with client airlines through the provision of a 2nd pass audit on interline billings. ASI ensures there is no leakage and adds value to the airline bottom line. 

ASI has the technology and auditors with experience, expertise and intuitive skills to undertake the auditing of recharges and FIMs and correspondence in order to protect client airline revenue and maximize the recovery from the interline process.

Outward Billings & quality assurance

As part of its quality assurance service to client airlines ASI will review the outward billing file and provide a report to the airline on its accuracy.

In accordance with RAM rules, under billings above a set value on a previously submitted outward file can be recovered by the billing airline through the generation of a Supplementary Billing. ASI will audit your previously submitted outward billing file and generate a Supplementary Billing to recover under billed revenue.

The ASI Outward Billing Audit will highlight all occasions of under billings and this will allow the client airline identify the weakness in their Revenue Accounting System and to make corrections avoiding future under billings. It ensures the accuracy of earned revenue reported, increasing confidence in billings and systems.

Correspondence Management Services

ASI provides support services in auditing rebills/recharges, sampling billings and management of correspondence. The number of items entering correspondence have increased exponentially and airlines use ASI’s expertise to manage correspondence queues.

ASI ensures that our airline clients maximise the revenue potential and stop any revenue leakage in the interline billing process.